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Profit 110

sell 1762.20

SL 1773

TP 1742


Profit 33

sell 166.54

SL 167.05

TP 165.50


Profit 30

buy 1757

SL 1751

TP 1778


Profit 65

sell 1.3378

SL 1.3425

TP 1.3200


Profit 33

sell 165.70

SL 166.50

TP 164.30


Profit 43

sell 1778.50

SL 1788

TP 1759


Profit 70

sell 1777.20

SL 1790

TP 1760


Profit 30

buy 1767.50

SL 1758

TP 1787


Profit 33

sell 1.3266

SL 1.3335

TP 1.3130


Profit 33

sell 165.60

SL 166.40

TP 163.00


Profit 78

sell 1763.86

SL 1777

TP 1725


Profit 71

sell 1711.60

SL 1719

TP 1680


Profit 89

buy 1.3375

SL 1.3375

TP 1.3570


Profit 75

sell 1712.50

SL 1719

TP 1700


Profit 33

buy 1.3432

SL 1.3360

TP 1.3565


Profit 43

buy 1671.65

SL 1663

TP 1690


Profit 60

sell 1.3782

SL 1.3835

TP 1.3630


Profit 65

sell 1.1532

SL 1.1595

TP 1.1400


Profit 60

sell 1.1509

SL 1.1545

TP 1.1350


Profit 90

sell 1.3640

SL 1.3715

TP 1.3500


Profit 34

sell 171.29

SL 172.50

TP 169.40


Profit 33

sell 170.30

SL 170.85

TP 166.50


Profit 33

sell 169.68

SL 170.50

TP 168.10


Profit 90

buy 1640

SL 1636

TP 1655


Profit 130

sell 169.32

SL 170.45

TP 165.00


Profit 120

sell 1.3810

SL 1.3885

TP 1.3580


Profit 60

sell 1626.80

SL 1633

TP 1618


Profit 44

sell 1639.60

SL 1646

TP 1625


Profit 135

sell 1.3792

SL 1.3862

TP 1.3450


Profit 35

sell 1655.80

SL 1661

TP 1640

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