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Profit 33

sell 1.3316

SL 1.3375

TP 1.3050


Profit 145

buy 1660

SL 1653

TP 1676


Profit 35

sell 1664

SL 1669

TP 1658


Profit 45

buy 1699.50

SL 1694

TP 0


Profit 90

buy 1699

SL 1692

TP 0


Profit 40

sell 1733

SL 1740.50

TP 1720


Profit 33

sell 143.99

SL 144.85

TP 140.50


Profit 64

sell 1.3178

SL 1.3250

TP 1.3030


Profit 33

sell 1.4699

SL 1.4755

TP 1.4530


Profit 33

sell 1.3168

SL 1.3250

TP 1.3000


Profit 80

sell 1.3080

SL 1.3165

TP 1.2930


Profit 65

buy 1.1660

SL 1.1610

TP 1.1900


Profit 35

sell 136.90

SL 137.55

TP 135.00


Profit 33

sell 136.99

SL 137.55

TP 134.50


Profit 33

sell 1.2972

SL 1.3055

TP 1.2830


Profit 30

sell 1735.80

SL 1741

TP 1728


Profit 34

sell 161.80

SL 162.45

TP 159.80


Profit 90

sell 142.55

SL 143.65

TP 140.60


Profit 33

sell 162.15

SL 162.85

TP 160.80


Profit 75

sell 1772.50

SL 1776

TP 1762


Profit 110

buy 1.6045

SL 1.5985

TP 1.6220


Profit 45

sell 1782

SL 1785.21

TP 1775.39


Profit 34

sell 140.89

SL 141.75

TP 139.30


Profit 33

buy 1.4646

SL 1.4595

TP 1.4800


Profit 34

sell 137.68

SL 138.35

TP 136.20


Profit 33

sell 161.45

SL 16260

TP 159.60


Profit 34

buy 1.2150

SL 1.2095

TP 1.2300


Profit 33

sell 1.2868

SL 1.2945

TP 1.2700


Profit 60

SELL 1811

SL 1816.55

TP 1799.70


Profit 35

SELL 1.2178

SL 1.2155

TP open

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