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Sharp Entry Strategy

Ensure high-probability entries in active markets for secure trading.

Adaptive Stop-Loss Modes

Balance risk and reward: Minimize losses and maximize gains effectively.

Flexible Lot Management

Tailor your risk for every trade, maintaining full control over your trading strategy.

Auto Close Partial

Automate profit securing, reducing the need for constant monitoring.

Trade Frequency

Adjust algorithm trading frequency to suit your personal trading style.

Forex News Filter

Avoid market volatility triggered by unforeseen news events.

Personalized Trading Hours

Set the Algo to trade according to your schedule or preferences.

Performance Tracking

Monitor the Indicators history on your Meta Trader chart for informed decision-making.

8-30% Monthly Growth

Trade with confidence knowing that each decision is backed by a blend of EMA, ATR, and our proprietary algorithms, ensuring you stay ahead of market trends.

Total Control & Flexibility

From selecting trading pairs to setting your trading hours, SureShotFX Algo adapts to your lifestyle and trading preferences, offering a truly personalized experience.

What Sets SureShotFX Algo Apart

SureShotFX Algo

1 Month


SureShotFX Algo



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Love this service, I have purchased the lifetime subscription for both Gold and VIP Forex Signals with the Auto-copier. This week I'm up in excess of 60% on my account thanks to Sureshot FX.

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Key Features & Benefits

Harness the Power of Advanced Trading Technology

Smart Trading

Experience high-probability trading entries and avoid market ranges. Our Algo identifies optimal trade opportunities to elevate your success.

Adaptive Risk Management

Your trading, your rules. Customize risk exposure and stop-loss strategies to suit your trading style while ensuring optimal profitability.

Effortless Profit

Lock in profits with Auto Close Partial and stay in control. Enjoy the benefits of a sophisticated trading system without constant monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

All You Need to Know About the SSF Copier

SureShotFX Algo is an automated trading software designed to provide high-probability trading entries and manage risks effectively. It employs a combination of EMA, ATR, and proprietary algorithms.

No, SureShotFX Algo is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. It requires zero trading knowledge for its operation.

The Adaptive Stop-Loss Mode allows traders to balance risk and reward by setting stop-loss levels that minimize losses and maximize gains.

Yes, SureShotFX Algo offers flexible risk management options, allowing traders to tailor their risk level for each trade and adjust the trading frequency according to their personal style.

The Auto Close Partial feature automates profit securing, reducing the need for constant monitoring. It locks in profits as they are made.

he Forex News Filter avoids market volatility caused by unforeseen news events, thereby protecting the trader from unexpected market movements.

SureShotFX provides expert support to its users, ensuring assistance is always available for any queries or troubleshooting.

Yes, SureShotFX Algo allows users to set personalized trading hours, enabling the software to trade according to individual schedules or preferences.