Become A Smart Funded Trader!

Protect Your Funded Account  From Max/ Daily Loss Limit

avoid breaching any prop firm loss limit

Elevate Your Trading Experience

Essential Tools for Smart and Secure Forex Trading.

Helps you

Track your daily and floating profit or loss

Built for you

Get alerts in MT4/MT5 app and in Telegram. You can check your account status from telegram anytime, anywhere!

Protects you

From unexpected drawdown and breach of your prop fund challenge

Protect Your Trades

Advanced Features for Safe and Efficient Forex Trading

Balance/Equity Control

Choose balance-based or equity-based drawdown limits to align with prop trading firm standards.

Mobile Notification

Instant notifications for swift actions on crucial market movements.

Close All Trades

Set parameters to auto-close trades when reaching certain drawdown limits.

Auto Trading Lock

Post-trade closure, auto trading is disabled to prevent unwanted trades by other EAs.

Orderly Trade Exit

For US-regulated brokers, employ the FIFO mode to close trades in a chronological order.

Simultaneous Trade Exit

For MT5, execute quicker trade closures, especially when multiple trades are open.

Telegram Command Bot

Remotely check account stats or close trades using Telegram on your mobile.

Easy Installation & Setup

15-second setup for SSF Guardian Prop EA with remote setup assistance available.

How it Works?

Streamlined Drawdown Management

Guard your trades with our specialized EA. Set your desired drawdown limit, and let the EA manage it. Should things go south, just command "CLOSE" to end all trades. SSF Guardian is your fail-safe for prop fund challenges, especially for copy traders and automated trading enthusiasts.

How Does It Help You?

Risk-Control at Its Best

Prop firms have a max loss threshold; surpass it, and your account is done. SSF Guardian lets you establish daily and overall drawdown limits. Encounter too many losses? The GUARDIAN steps in, halting trades, ensuring you never breach your limits. Even when you're away, stay updated with drawdown alerts. Regain your confidence and continue trading securely.

Ready to Conquer Forex Prop Trading Challenges?

SureShotFX Guardian


Lifetime for 2 accounts

What Traders LOVE About Us

SSF Guardian helped me to pass the prop

SSF Guardian was a game-changer for me during the prop firm challenge. I struggled to keep track of the drawdown limits while trading. But after getting the Guardian EA from sureshotfx, it made things so much easier.

Ienny Pasho

I could concentrate on my trading

Thanks to SSF Guardian, I could concentrate on my trading strategies and stay calm during the challenge. It felt like having a safety net, allowing me to take calculated risks without fear of going over my limits.


Awesome 50% Profit in 2 Weeks!

I must admit, since using Guardian, my overall trading performance has improved. I feel more in control of my trades, and my profits have become more consistent. It's like having a personal trading coach right there with me!

Dominiq Diosio

Frequently Asked Questions

All You Need to Know About the SSF Copier

SF Guardian is a proprietary Expert Advisor (EA) designed to help traders manage their drawdown limits effectively, ensuring they stay within the bounds set by proprietary trading firms.

Unlike traditional risk management tools, SSF Guardian is tailored specifically for prop traders. It offers real-time drawdown monitoring, instant trade stopping, and daily limit resets, ensuring traders never breach their allowed limits.

No, SSF Guardian is user-friendly. Installation is quick, and if you face any challenges, we provide remote setup assistance.

SSF Guardian responds in real-time. As soon as your drawdown hits the limit you’ve set, the system will automatically halt all trades.

Yes, SSF Guardian allows you to customize both overall and daily drawdown limits.

No, SSF Guardian is designed to run seamlessly in the background, focusing solely on drawdown management without disrupting other trading activities.

Absolutely! SSF Guardian is built to be compatible with both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

We provide 24/7 customer support to assist you with any challenges. Whether it’s installation help, setup queries, or operational issues, our team is here to help.

Yes, we continually refine and update SSF Guardian based on user feedback and market dynamics. All updates will be communicated to our customers.