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Hassle Free And Auto-Pilot Earning Opportunities

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Enhancing Your Profit Potential

A Seamless Blend of Automation and Control for Optimal Risk Management

Helps you

To copy all the profitable signals for you also all other commands like set SL/TP, Move SL, etc

Built for you

To select your own risk management parameters i.e lot size, partial closing percentage, risk percentage per trade, etc.

Protects you

From unnecessary losses and stress so that you can stay profitable without lifting a finger.

Unlock Superior Trading Efficiency

SSF Copier's Features Designed for Maximum Profitability

Super Fast Execution

Take trade entry exactly at the position we do and secure profits just like us. You will never miss a single pip again with the instant execution of SSF copier.

Mobile Notification

Get a real-time alert on Telegram whenever a new signal is inserted, or when an order is closed with the details of that order.

Auto Trade Update

The SSF copier seamlessly follows updates from our VIP channel, executing various order types like Half close, Partial close, Full close, and Move SL to entry automatically.

Risk Management

Choose the appropriate risk management from our range of options, such as fixed lot sizes according to our guidance or risking a % of your balance that is dynamic lot

Dynamic Spread

Hate to calculate spread each time we give out a trade call? Then SSF copier is your friend. It will calculate spreads automatically for each trade call.No stress, only your targets

Exclude Trade

Don't like to trade a pair? SSF copier got you covered. You can easily exclude the pairs/ instrument you don't want to trade. It will automatically skip those trade calls!

Set Slippage

Optimize trade execution for your broker! Set slippage values effortlessly with the SSF copier, ensuring timely and accurate trades regardless of your broker's policies.

Easy Installation & Setup Help

SSF copier setup is fast and easy. Installing and running the copier simply take less than 2 minutes. Also, we provide remote setup help.

How it Works?

Get the trades copied in your mt4/mt5 from our VIP channels with entry/exit on time! No more delay in catching profits!

Manage Multiple Account from One Place

Like others no need to install multiple software for multiple MT4/MT5 accounts

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SureShotFX Copier

For Lifetime 3 accounts


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Love this service, I have purchased the lifetime subscription for both Gold and VIP Forex Signals with the Auto-copier. This week I'm up in excess of 60% on my account thanks to Sureshot FX.

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Grandma can also Install It

Zero Hassle Installation. Just 3 click you are good to go...

1. Press Next

2. Press Install

3. Press Finish to start the copier

Frequently Asked Questions

All You Need to Know About the SSF Copier

Yes, the SSF Copier operates automatically once set up, ensuring seamless trade copying without any manual intervention.

Yes, You need to have access to the SSF VIP channels as it copies our VIP signals.

Absolutely! The SSF Copier is compatible with both MT4 and MT5 platforms.

As it is Windows-based software, you will need to have Windows PC/Laptop or Windows VPS and a stable internet connection.

The SSF Copier allows you to connect to up to three accounts with the lifetime license.

Our SSF Copier is designed for super-fast execution, ensuring trades are copied in real-time with minimal to no lag.

Yes, the SSF Copier provides a range of risk management options, including setting fixed lot sizes or risking a percentage of your balance.

Not at all! The installation process is user-friendly, and we also provide remote setup assistance and video documentation to guide you through.

Absolutely! We offer 24/7 customer support to assist with any concerns or questions. Moreover, we provide free development support during your first installation.

Yes, all updates to the SSF Copier software are provided free of charge to our users, ensuring you always have the latest features and optimizations.