Never miss a trade again

Hassle Free And Auto-Pilot Earning Opportunities

Start making profits with our copier

Helps you

To copy all the profitable signals for you also all other commands like set SL/TP, Move SL, etc

Built for you

To select your own risk management parameters i.e lot size, partial closing percentage, risk percentage per trade, etc.

Protects you

From unnecessary losses and stress so that you can stay profitable without lifting a finger.

How it Works

Get the trades copied in your mt4/mt5 from our VIP channels with entry/exit on time! No more delay in catching profits!

Manage Multiple Account from One Place

Like others no need to install multiple software for multiple MT4/MT5 accounts

Grandma can also Install It

Zero Hassle Installation. Just 3 click you are good to go...

1. Press Next

2. Press Install

3. Press Finish to start the copier

Exclusive Features

Want to make profits exactly like us from each trade? Then SSF copier is your solution.

Super Fast Execution

Take trade entry exactly at the position we do and secure profits just like us. You will never miss a single pip again with the instant execution of SSF copier.

Mobile Notification

Get a real-time alert on Telegram whenever a new signal is inserted, or when an order is closed with the details of that order.

Auto Trade Update

Do you have difficulty understanding - Half close, Partial close, Full close, Move SL to entry? Worry no more. SSF copier will automatically follow updates from our VIP channel and execute all kinds of orders automatically.

Risk Management

Choose the appropriate risk management from our range of options, such as fixed lot sizes according to our guidance or risking a % of your balance that is dynamic lot

Dynamic Spread

Hate to calculate spread each time we give out a trade call? Then SSF copier is your friend. It will calculate spreads automatically for each trade call.No stress, only your targets

Exclude Trade

Don't like to trade a pair? SSF copier got you covered. You can easily exclude the pairs/ instrument you don't want to trade. It will automatically skip those trade calls!

Set Slippage

Serious brokers are able to manage your trade quickly and some other brokers are voluntarily delaying your trades. Now you won't miss a single trade for your broker, you can set slippage value easily with the SSF copier.

Easy Installation & Setup Help

SSF copier setup is fast and easy. Installing and running the copier simply take less than 2 minutes. Also, we provide remote setup help.

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My experience with SureShotFX

My experience with SureShotFX was fantastic from the very beginning. They will do all the work for you and keep you updated on closing half of the position and putting SL into BE once each signals are into profit.


Best signals

I've been with sureshotfx for 5 months, yesterday I bought the advance lifetime plan because they are for real! Excellent support, they are always very helpful. Signals are always on point. Highly recommend.


Impressive signal

Now I'm in their vip group and what an amazing weeks I'm having. I've small account and I made $82 in my first week. They don't overtrade and that's what I appereciate. Love you guys, keep working the good work.


There is a lot Signal Providers, Why Us?

Our Accuracy and Constancy make us different.

Most signal providers use risk to reward strategies so their accuracy becomes compromised. But we use accuracy strategies so risk of loosing with our signals becomes very very low.