Prop Traders Strategies You Should Use

Prop Traders

Proprietary trading, or “prop trading” for short, is an easy way for traders to earn money using their trading expertise. It’s all about using your expertise to trade with prop firm’s capital and make profit that can be split half-ways. But before diving headfirst into depth of prop trading, there are crucial steps and strategies that prop traders should consider.

New prop traders might find it hard to pass prop challenges. But this article can teach you how to make a plan and follow the rules when you work with prop trading firms. We’ll walk you through the essential elements that every prop trader should know.

Prop Traders’ Strategy 101

If you’re new to prop trading, it’s important to think about how to manage risks. You don’t want to lose a lot of money and breaching your drawdown limit. Learn about the markets and make strategies that fit your goals and the risk you can handle. You can also use tools like SureShotFX Copier that trades automatically to help you save time. It helps you copy trades from SureShot fx VIP channels, where a veteran trade team, provides highly profitable set ups.

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Prop trading can be a way to make money, but you need to know a lot and have experience to be successful. To trade with a proprietary trading firm successfully, follow these steps:

[1] Understand Risk & Profit Targets
The firm sets targets for how much risk and profit you can take. Stick to these targets to stay within the firm’s risk limits and make the most profit. Violating these targets can lead to the firm closing your trades, suspending you, or taking disciplinary actions.

[2] Familiarize Yourself with the Firm’s Tools & Strategies
Learn the trading tools and strategies provided by the firm, such as order types and charts. Practice using these tools and strategies before you start trading.

[3] Know the Market
Understand the market, its trends and movements. learn how you can identify potential trading opportunities and be aware of the risks. You must always have the plan to manage those risks.

[4] Follow the Firm’s Rules
Fourthly, you must at all times follow the rules shared by your chosen prop firm. To reach your profit target and pass your prop challenge, following and maintaining all the rules given by your prop firm is necessary.

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You must understand the firm’s trading rules and violation triggers properly. Above all, stay informed about the market and upcoming news events. By following these guidelines, you can increase your chances of success when trading with a proprietary trading firm.

prop traders strategy to pass prop challenge

How to Choose Strategy for Prop Trading?

When engaging in proprietary trading, selecting a strategy that is best suited to the prop firm rules, risk tolerance and market conditions is paramount.

⚫ When you are back-testing or selecting your strategy for your prop fund challenge, you must consider Risk Tolerance and Market Conditions. As different prop firms have different loss limits and rules, pick a strategy that matches yours.

Using short stop losses and confirming your trade set up from different timeframes can reduce risk. You can also choose to trade with SureShotFX’s signals. Our traders analyse all set up in different timeframes to confirm the trade set up, we also have a risk management guideline that will help you win your prop challenge easily!

⚫ Focus on Important Levels and Avoid News Releases. Some prop firms will not allow you to trade during high-impact news. So always try to trade from significant price levels. Avoid trading during major news announcements to minimize risk.

⚫ You should always trade with the trend. As many veteran traders says, “Trend is your friend.” So, avoid relying on lagging indicators. Try to identify the trend and trade only when market conditions are in your favor.

In essence, select a strategy that suits your risk tolerance and trading goals. Take time to research and evaluate different strategies to find the one that works best for you.

Research and Strategy Development
One of the fundamental pillars of success in prop trading is a well-defined trading strategy. Take the time to thoroughly research and understand various trading strategies. Choose the ones that align with your trading objectives. The key here is to be well-prepared. Your strategy should be tested and refined before you start trading with real capital.

Risk Management
Prop traders need to be Master of Risk Management. Unexpected market conditions can lead to losses, and that’s where risk management comes into play. Employ techniques to limit losses and protect your capital in any situation. Being prepared for the worst-case scenario is essential for long-term success.

Continuous Education
Education is a never-ending journey in the world of trading. To excel as a prop trader, you need a deep understanding of the markets and the strategies you intend to use. Keep learning, stay updated, and adapt to market changes.

Practical Aspects to Consider as Prop Traders

Consistency and Discipline
Your journey as a prop trader doesn’t end once you’ve developed a successful strategy and secured capital. In fact, it’s just the beginning. To maintain your success, you must remain disciplined and consistent in your approach. Remember that not losing money is just as important as making profits.

Patience and Adaptability
Markets are dynamic, and they can change unexpectedly. Patience is a virtue in prop trading. Be ready to adapt to shifting market conditions and adjust your strategies when necessary. Keep an eye on the markets and be prepared to make changes when needed.


Becoming a successful prop trader is a rewarding endeavor, but it requires dedication and a structured approach. The journey begins with thorough research, strategy development, risk management, education, and sufficient capital. However, it doesn’t end there. Consistency, discipline, patience, and adaptability are essential for long-term success.

Prop traders must always stay vigilant and adhere to the rules and strategies they’ve developed. In the world of trading, where the only constant is change, continuous learning and adjustment are your best allies. By following these guidelines, you can embark on your journey as a prop trader with confidence and increase your chances of achieving success in this exciting field.

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