Forex Lesson 01 Quiz 01

Welcome to Quiz No. 01 on "What is Forex Trading and How Does It Work?"

1. What is forex?

2. How does the forex market operate?

3. What is Meta Trader?

4. How do traders make profits in forex?

5. What does the exchange rate of one currency against another reflect?

6. In the forex market, what does buying a currency imply?

7. How much is the actual forex market size each day?

8. Who participates in the forex market for retail trading?

9. What is the spot market in forex?

10. What distinguishes currency futures from spot trading?

11. How does forex trading differ from traditional stock trading in terms of hours?

12. What advantage does forex trading offer in terms of leverage?

13. What is emphasized as crucial for new forex traders?

14. What is the significance of forex market's high liquidity, volatility, and leverage flexibility?