Forex Lesson 02 Quiz 02

Welcome to Quiz No. 02 on "How to Start Forex Trading?"

01. What is emphasized as crucial when learning forex trading?

2. What does the text recommend before investing real money in forex trading?

3. What factors should be considered while choosing a forex broker?

4. What should a trader do after choosing a forex broker that fits their needs?

5. What is the recommended leverage setting for an account with $100-200?

6. Why is it suggested to start with a demo account before going live?

7. What is the significance of fixing your capital and risk in forex trading?

8. What is the importance of learning proper money management when starting with $100?

9. What mistakes are traders advised to avoid in forex trading?

10. What is recommended for traders to do to minimize risks and losses?

11. What is highlighted as essential for beginner traders in forex?

12. What is the overarching theme of the text regarding forex trading for beginners?