Forex Lesson 03 Quiz 03

Welcome to Quiz No. 03 on "How Much Do You Need to Start Trading Forex?"

1. What is the first rule of trading Forex according to the text?

2. Can forex trading make you rich quickly?

3. How does the text describe the journey of success in forex trading?

4. What are the twin dangers mentioned in the text that traders need to avoid?

5. What is the danger associated with over-capitalization?

6. How much is it suggested to start trading with to avoid under-capitalization?

7. What is the recommended amount to start trading with for effective risk management?

8. What is the suggested risk percentage per trade according to the text?

9. What is the Risk to Reward ratio mentioned in the text?

10. Why does the text suggest trading only 2-3 pairs per day?

11. What does the text recommend when trading in micro lots?

12. What is emphasized as essential for making significant profits from forex trading?

13. What is the suggested approach to succeed in forex trading?