Forex Lesson 05 Quiz 05

Welcome to Lesson 05 Quiz 05 on "What is Forex Currency Pairs?"

1. What does the exchange rate represent in forex trading?

2. Where is the exchange rate displayed in your trading terminal, according to the provided information?

4. What does the base currency represent in a currency pair?

5. How is the base currency value expressed in a currency pair?

6. In the currency pair USD/JPY, what does a quote of USD/JPY 88.48 mean?

7. Which currency pairs are considered major in the forex market?

8. What characterizes major currency pairs in terms of liquidity?

9. How are minor currencies defined in forex trading?

10. What distinguishes exotic currency pairs in forex trading?

11. What is the purpose of the market watch window in Meta Trader in forex trading?

12. Which of the following currency pairs is considered a minor currency pair?

13. What does a higher spread typically indicate in forex trading?

14. In the forex market, what does the term "volatility" refer to?

15. What is the significance of the forward slash ("/") in currency pairs like EUR/USD?