Forex Lesson 11 Quiz 11

Welcome to Lesson 11 Quiz 11 on "What is Forex Chart Patterns?"

1. What type of chart visually represents price changes with vertical lines indicating high and low values?

2. How do traders interpret bar charts?

3. Which chart style is particularly useful for determining long-term trends and support/resistance points?

4. What does a green or white candlestick represent in a candlestick chart?

5. What do candlestick patterns such as hammer, shooting star, and doji provide information about?

6. What is the primary function of connecting data points with a straight line in a line chart?

7. Which chart type reduces the chaos of the Forex market into a smooth, continuous line?

8. How can traders use support and resistance levels in their analysis?

9. What is the benefit of practicing multi-time frame analysis?